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Federation Membership

17 March 2015 10:00

Any association established with the aim of defending the rights and interests of persons with disabilities and which has more than half of its members as persons with disabilities must apply for membership by declaring through its general assembly that it recognises the statutes, purpose and obligations of the association and will abide by them in its conduct.

The applicant must scan the following application documents in PDF format and send them to our association via the email addresses provided on our Contact page.

The Federation Board will review and decide on this application within 30 days and inform the applicant of the outcome.



To ensure that your application is not disqualified from consideration, you must complete the documents listed below. Important note: After the application for membership is approved, the application documents must be sent to the official correspondence address of our Federation, which is indicated on our contact page, and the information update form on our website must be completed.

  1. Application for membership,
  2. Decision of the Board of Directors,
  3. Resolution of the General Assembly (minutes of the Board of Directors),
  4. List of members of the association,
  5. Articles of Association.


Announced with respect.