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For the attention of the press and the public!

10 January 2024 10:00

As the Federation of Accessible Components, we have issued a press release on the inconsistencies in disability pensions in light of inflation data in 2024, home care services and appointments under the Disabled Public Sector Personnel Selection Scheme (EKPSS).
With this statement, we are coming together to raise awareness of the issues facing disabled people and to share our demands and proposed solutions with the public and the authorities.
Your participation in our press release will honour us.
Sincerely announced to the public.

Abdulmecit Yılmaz
President Of The Federation Of Unimpeded Compenants

Date: January 12, 2024, Friday
Time: 14:00
Address: Kooperatifler Mah. Akkoyunlu 1. Geçid Sk. Yılmaz-12 Apt. 8/4 Yenişehir Diyarbakır