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Our Gender Equality Policy Document

According to The Federation of Associations for Barrier Free Living, gender is a domain of power hierarchy which has led to historical, cultural and social inequalities. In order for this social structure causing inequality to evolve into the equality of all people, there is a need for a holistic criticism and transformation of power. Social, economic, cultural, scientific and political spheres should be transformed from masculine / patriarchal culture to spaces open to women and LGBTI + individuals ,for a more equal and freer future of all humanity. With the awareness that gender inequality is reproduced in all its dimensions among the disabled people who struggle with social disregard, it is critical that all institutions take responsibility and regulate their structural, functional and cultural tools with commitment, and it is vital to ensure gender equality.

The Federation of Associations for Barrier Free Living undertakes with its policy document that it observes the representation of women and LGBTI + in the distribution of topics and speakers and will continue to show the same sensitivity to it, in all boards and member associations including the Board of Directors, in all the meetings and activities it organizes.


In this regard, the Federation accepts and undertakes the following principles and responsibilities: 

  • Following the principles of The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the European Council Convention on the Prevention of and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention) , the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in particular, and all other national and international conventions and regulations, the Federation is committed to fighting against all types of discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, class, immigrant or refugee status, marital status, ethnicity, disability, etc  and contributing to raising awareness in the society in order to prevent these discrimination.
  • In its activities, the Federation gives priority to planning, implementing, and developing, data collection and strategy development in a gender-sensitive manner.
  • During all kinds of projects, trainings and other activities, we develop devices enabling women and LGBTI + individuals to benefit from rights, responsibilities and opportunities equally; we establish our committees and teams accordingly.
  • People who commit violence, harassment and maltreatment to the people they live with are dismissed from the federation and member associations the minute the violence is learned. The person is reported to the relevant judicial authorities. No solidarity is shown.
  • The Federation promises to take every precaution to prevent sexual harassment and gender-based violence, and to make an effective investigation All kinds of physical, psychological, verbal, sexual harassment, violence and mobbing (psychological violence in the workplace) against employees , members and volunteers are considered as serious disciplinary offenses. The statements of women and LGBTI +, are regarded as true during complaints and the other party is obliged to prove the opposite.
  • It takes all necessary measures to ensure that women and LGBTI + employees and volunteers can work in a comfortable, safe, non-discriminatory and violence-free environment.
  • It works to promote the understanding of gender equality among its target groups, especially children and young people. It develops its trainings and materials in this direction. It observes the principle of equality in participation and taking initiative.
  • It observes the above-mentioned principles in its relations with all the stakeholders, publishers, distributors, public and private sector representatives.
  • It provides periodic trainings on gender equality for its employees, members and volunteers and increases their awareness on this issue.


Members of the Federation Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee are jointly responsible for the implementation of the gender equality policy. The Supervisory (aka Audit) Board is urgently assigned for detecting any violation of the principles stated above and investigating it precisely.