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07 November 2023 10:00


Trade unionists, activists, workers, artists, writers, retired

ministers or members of parliament, scientists, lawyers, human rights

defenders, 202 citizens and 57 democratic associations, trade unions,

platforms, professional organizations and political parties in Turkey have made

a call to end the war and genocide in Gazze, demanding an end to the

occupation, freedom for Palestine and a just peace in the country and

the region.

“Get out of our earth

our sea, our land

our grain, our salt, our rock”

Mahmut Derviş


Gazze is under seige since days – crimes of war and genocide are being perpetrated. With the open support of the United States and Western countries, İsrael is bombing hospitals, schools, refugee camps, religious sites, market places.

Genocide is being openly practiced right under the eyes of the whole world, without any compunction for humanitarian law distilled from myriad horrors and destruction.  While powers such as governments, the United Nations, the European Union are all silent in the face of this slaughter,  people all over the world are up in protest in defence of human heritage.

The 75 years of daily genocide, deportation, disposession, forced labor, displacement and the open-air prison meeted to the Palestinians, erupted with the Hamas attack like drained pus. We are witnessing all the horrors of war, the destruction of settlements, the loss of thousands of lives, the killing of children, enmity, hatred, racism and sexism in the region where we live.

The source of war and destruction is the Israeli expansionism and occupation in the Palestinian lands.  The right of the Palestinian people to resist is justified. Without ensuring equal rights for Israeli and Palestinian peoples  such that they can establish their own peaceful destinies, there is no way to prevent war and violence.

Israel must withdraw from the occupied territories.

Prime minister Natanyahu, together with other perpetrators of genocide, should be declared war criminals and tried by international tribunals according to universally accepted norms.

The United Nations’ sanctions regarding war crimes and genocide should be implemented.

All governments, with Turkey first and foremost, who do not condone the genocide and occupation, should end their economic, commercial and military relations with Israel.


The Near East, where imperialists continue to wage their power games, is right on the fire zone. The right of all the peoples, first and foremost of the Palestinian and Kurdish  peoples to live in peace and freedom, with their identities and cultures, are being faced by oppression and genocide.

Those who profit are only the arms vendors, those who benefit from fleecing the people and those who reign by means of war and oppression.

The only means for the people to live in security and well being is enduring and just peace.

In order to ensure an enduring and just peace in both our country and the region, we call upon all the masses, all workers’ organizations and democratic forces, to resist genocidal and warlike policies and to espouse peace.


1.      10. October Peace Organisation,

2.      4. Watch Workers’ Solidarity,

3.      Alaouite and Bektaşi Federation (ABF),

4.      All Pensioners’ Union, Konak Branch,

5.      Anti-Capitalist Moslems,

6.      Association of KHK (Decree with the Power of Law) Platforms,

7.      Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD),

8.      Association of Military Opponents of Military Coups,

9.      Association of Peoples’ Bridges,

10.  Bakırköy Urban Defence,

11.  Initiative for Living Together,

12.  Bursa Independent Resistence Workers Trade Union,

13.  Climate Justice Coalition,

14.  Community Centers,

15.  Confederation of Public Workers' Unions (KESK),

16.  Democratic Alaouite Associations,

17.  Democratic Regional Party,

18.  Dicle Association for the Blind,

19.  DİSK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Trade Unions) Marmara Region Tourism Workers Trade Union,

20.  DİSK General Workers Istanbul Anadolu 2.nd Chapter,

21.  Diyarbakır Children’s sickness (Sspe), Relatives Mutual Help Association,

22.  Education and Science Workers’ Union, Tekirdağ Chapter,

23.  Federation of Alaouite Associations,

24.  Federation of Socialist Assemblies (SMF),

25.  Federation of Unimpeded Components,

26.  Free Theater,

27.  Green Left Party Initiative,

28.  Hubyar Sultan Alaouite Culture Association,

29.  IMECE Domestic Work Trade Union,

30.  Istanbul Association for Encouraging Recycling (GEKATDER),

31.  Jin Newspaper,

32.  KESK /SES Şişli Branch,

33.  Lawyers for Democracy,

34.  Labor Party (EMEP),

35.  Labor Movement Party (EHP),

36.  Mediterranean Cultural Association,

37.  People’s Democratic Congress,

38.  People’s Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP),

39.  Politeknik Mühendis,

40.  Polytechnical Engineers, Architects and City Planners Solidarity Association,

41.  Politika Newspaper,

42.  Progressive Lawyers    Association, Adana Chapter,

43.  Purple Solidarity,

44.  Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies (SPOD),

45.  Siverek Association of the Visually Impaired,

46.  Social Politics (Publication),

47.  Socialist Solidarity Platform (SODAP),

48.  Solidarity Union of Pensioners,

49.  Solidarity Union of Pensioners – Adana Chapter,

50.  Socialist Reconstruction Party (SYKP),

51.  Social Freedom Party (TÖP),

52.  Turkish Workers’ Party (TİP),

53.  Turkish Medical Association (TTB),

54.  Turkish Writers Union (TYS),

55.  Unity for Democracy,

56.  University Faculty Members Association (ÜNİV-DER),

57.  Women’s Defence Network,

58.  Women’s Patchwork Solidarity,

59.  Validebağ Defence,


1.      Adnan Ekşigil,

2.      Adnan Özyalçıner ,

3.      Ahmad Zakaria,

4.      Ahmet Aydoğan,

5.      Ahmet Dindar,

6.      Ahmet Ergin,

7.      Ali Haldenbilen,

8.      Ali Haydar Konca,

9.      Ali Rıza Dizdar,

10.  Aydın Cıngı,

11.  Aydın Deniz,

12.  Aylin Hacaloğlu,

13.  Aysel Baytar Önsel ,

14.  Aysel Hoşgit,

15.  Ayşe Erdem,

16.  Ayşe Erzan,

17.  Ayşe Gözen,

18.  Ayşegül Devecioğlu,

19.  Ayşen Şahin,

20.  Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu,

21.  Bahadır Altan,

22.  Baise Pirim,

23.  Baskın Oran,

24.  Bedahet Tosun,

25.  Belgin Koç,

26.  Beyza Zeyno Bayramoğlu,

27.  Birgül Asena Güven,

28.  Birol aksu,

29.  Birol Sarıkaş,

30.  Bissan Edwan,

31.  Bumin Güneri,

32.  Bülent Erdem,

33.  Bülent Gündoğmuş,

34.  Cem Doğan,

35.  Cengiz Arın ,

36.  Cengiz Cemri,

37.  Cenk Güray,

38.  Derya Tolgay,

39.  Durna Şahin,

40.  Elif Bulut,

41.  Emel Cidecioğlu,

42.  Emine Dayıoğlu,

43.  Emre Gürkan,

44.  Ender Öndeş,

45.  Enes Dursun,

46.  Engin Kulu,

47.  Ercüment Gürçay,

48.  Erkan yılmaz,

49.  Erman Türkmen ,

50.  Erol Kızılelma,

51.  Esen Aslandoğan,

52.  Fatma Gök,

53.  Fatma Koçyiğit,

54.  Ferda Koç,

55.  Fevzi ipek. ,

56.  Filiz Kerestecioğlu,

57.  Gencay Gürsoy,

58.  Gökhan Durmuş,

59.  Gülay Bilici

60.  Gülnur Acar Savran,

61.  Gülsen Ülker,

62.  Gülsüm Ağaoğlu,

63.  Hakkı Özdal,

64.  Haldun İleri,

65.  Halil Ergun,