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Child, Early and Forced Marriages are also a Subject of Disability Rights Advocacy!

20 March 2024 13:00

Within the scope of the "Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organisations Working in the Field of Prevention of Child, Early and Forced Marriages Project" implemented by the Civil Society Development Centre Association with the financial support of the United Nations Population Fund, Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association’s COMBATING CHILD MARRIAGES: CHANGING DYNAMICS, NEW TOOLS project was completed.
The Association has prepared a series of advocacy materials within the scope of this project with the know-how it has accumulated through field studies, mass meetings and communication activities carried out throughout the country for 15 years. These publications are expected to be used by non-governmental organisations working on child marriage in the fields of women, children, persons with disabilities, and etc.  
Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association produced the following publications in this project:

•    "Media Representation of Child, Early and Forced Marriages: Handbook -Sensitive to the Human Rights of Girls- for Civil Society Organisations on Reporting and Content Production”, which addresses children in diversity from a gender equality perspective and is written in a comprehensible and locally usable language required by civil society organisations.
•    "Glossary of Concepts on Combating Child Marriage" to open child marriage and key concepts for discussion, and to ensure that civil society organisations and all other stakeholders adopt a common terminology in their advocacy work.
•    "Atlas of Good Practices and Examples from Countries in Combating Child Marriage", which will inspire civil society organisations and encourage governments to develop effective policies and support community-based activities.
•    Typology of Child Marriages", which is a resource that can be used by all organisations working in this field while planning projects and programmes, in terms of the changing dynamics of child/early/forced marriages and marriage practices that diversify with problems such as migration.
•    "Information and Documentation Centre for Combating Child Marriage", which will contribute to the production and dissemination of publications on the nexus between child marriage and climate crisis, migration, refugees, disability, poverty, ethnicity, political crises, disasters, etc. on the existing website of the Flying Broom Association.
Selen Doğan, head of the association, said that these materials can be used not only by women's organisations but also by all civil society organisations working with children and/or focusing on intersectional rights in their advocacy and communication activities. Selen Doğan stated: "Child and forced marriage is a violation of rights that people with disabilities can also be exposed to. Considering child pregnancy and complications during/after childbirth, disability is both the cause and consequence of child marriage. Organisations of persons with disabilities and the networks/platforms they form should include this among their working topics." 
Selen Doğan said that they expect suggestions and contributions from disability organisations for the accessibility of these publications. 
You can follow the work of the association on and @ucansupurgeder on Instagram.