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19 October 2023 13:00

Press Release Federation of Unimpeded Components

The ongoing wars and conflicts in the Middle East have systematically violated the rights to life and health. Every day a crime against humanity is committed. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in the Israeli attack on a hospital in the Palestinian territories. This attack against human beings and life, regardless of whether they are old or sick, children, women, young people, disabled or not, has been written in the black and bloody pages of human history. This is a terrorist state attack. All societies have been terrorized by this massacre by the Israeli terrorist state. First of all, it is unacceptable that wars and conflicts are directed towards civilian living spaces. The mass murder of defenseless, unarmed and unprotected people with weapons of mass destruction is an attempt at genocide.


On behalf of the Jewish people, who have been subjected to genocide in their history, this genocide attempt by the State of Israel must be condemned by all peoples and states, and international public opinion must take action against the State of Israel. The Palestinian people cannot be billed for the political problems left unresolved for years. The attacks of the occupying Israeli state against the Palestinian people must be stopped immediately.

The precondition for preventing similar war crimes from being committed by regional states and parties to the conflict will be the declaration of a ceasefire and the establishment of peace.


War and militarism increase disability not only through the killing, wounding and disabling consequences of war, but also through the enormous budgets allocated for war.

The increase in war budgets in the countries of the region leads to the limitation of social support that should be provided to all segments of society, especially the disabled.

A significant portion of the budgets that should be allocated to education, health and poverty alleviation is spent on war and massacres.


The conflicts and wars of nation states systematically violate the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


According to Article 11 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, all states are responsible for these violations. States "must take all necessary measures to fulfill their obligations under international law, including humanitarian law and international human rights law, to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risk, including in situations of armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters."


In this respect, the State of Israel's hospital massacre should be sanctioned as a war crime.

As the Federation of Unimpeded Components and all affiliated disabled associations, we condemn all attacks against civilians in our region and the world, especially in Palestine.

We know that war, conflict and militarism are important causes of disability. Apart from those who die in wars, the rest are left physically and psychologically injured or disabled. Wars and conflicts leave already inaccessible cities in ruins and render the whole society disabled. We would like to express that the mentality that massacres people who have taken refuge in a hospital is the biggest obstacle in front of a world without disabilities. It is announced to the public with respect.